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UK policing faces multiple strategic challenges: rising demand, increasing complexity and greater scrutiny of its performance.

Chief constables and their teams need a richer understanding of where and how their officers, staff and resources are used, how productive they are, and what outcomes they achieve. 


They need to understand the size and shape of workload, now and in the future.


They need to build capacity, capability and resilience across their workforce.


They must deploy resources as effectively and efficiently as possible.


And, increasingly, they need to evidence the outcomes they achieve - to local and national partners, to inspectorates, and to their communities.

Poliscope, a partnership developed by Crest Advisory and Justice Episteme, in collaboration with a number of forces in England and Wales, helps to meet these needs.

Our work began four years ago, through joint research we published into the drivers of crime and non-crime demand.


Working with partners at Bedfordshire Police and Nottinghamshire Police, we translated our findings into actionable insight, blending cutting edge statistical analysis with a deep knowledge of operational policing.

We shared our thinking with partners across policing - from the Home Office and National Police Chiefs Council, to the College of Policing and Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of Constabulary, Fire and Rescue Services.


The result is Poliscope - expert, independent analysis which forces can rely on to understand and to improve performance in line with local or national priorities.

Our approach to working with forces is led by our values

We are credible

We ensure the analysis we provide is rigorous and robust enough to withstand the strongest challenge and scrutiny, internally or externally, so chiefs and SMTs can take big decisions based upon it with total confidence

We are curious

We are professionally interested in what drives demand and performance in policing, we enjoy spending time in-force with officers and staff, understanding their operational realities and priorities and ensuring these inform our analysis at all times.

We are collaborative

We take pride in working alongside chiefs, performance managers and analysts, understanding their needs and tailoring our approach to their specific questions, putting them in control of the model wherever possible.

Our vaues
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