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Poliscope is a partnership between policing and crime strategists Crest Advisory and Justice Episteme, specialists in justice-related statistics and data science.

Our story

Crest and Justice Episteme first collaborated four years ago on research into the drivers of crime and non-crime demand.


Our report identified several key trends and drivers including an increase in high harm offences and in non-crime incidents such as mental health.


In response, we began collaborating with Bedfordshire and Nottinghamshire forces to help them better understand what was happening locally.

In Bedfordshire, our work has helped the force to win additional funding from the Home Office based on its demand profile. In Nottinghamshire, our work was published by the Police and Crime Commissioner to make the case to the Home Office for increased funding.


We've also recently developed a Poliscope National tool using published data to provide free access to statistical forecasting of crime data.

Try it out here.

Why us? We state our case here.

Crest Advisory

Crest Advisory is the UK’s leading crime and justice consultancy, working with police forces, devolved authorities and other bodies involved in building a safer and more security society.


Founded in 2011, Crest is funded by charitable trusts and foundations to produce independent research into key policing and crime issues and trends. It provides consultancy to organisations involved in public safety and law enforcement, and offers communications and strategy support to the wider criminal justice system.


Crest’s Poliscope lead is Ellie Covell, Head of Strategy at Crest, and a former police officer who worked previously at the Cabinet Office.


Justice Episteme

Justice Episteme provides analytical support to organisations involved in criminal justice, applying quantitative and scientific techniques to create evidence in support of reform. 


Founded in 2016, Justice Episteme are experts in data science, modelling and simulation specialising in measuring the performance and outcomes of systems and interventions in justice and health policy. This has recently included modelling the backlog in the courts.


Justice Episteme’s Poliscope lead is Dr Savas Hadjipavlou, a former senior civil servant at the Home Office, the Ministry of Justice and the Department of Health.

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