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We have developed Poliscope National and Local to provide demand analysis and forecasting for police forces and partners using published police data. See the differences in each tool below.

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  • Poliscope Local

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While you're here

You may want to read our ground-breaking report published in 2018 which investigates the drivers of crime and non-crime demand. Funded by the Dawes Trust, this research began the collaboration between Crest Advisory and Justice Episteme which has become Poliscope. Download the report here.

In 2019, we were invited to present further analysis, based on our work with Bedfordshire and Nottinghamshire Police, to the Chief Constables Council. Our analysis suggested that the demands on police forces had been outstripping available hours since 2017. We estimated that 32,000 additional officers were required across England and Wales to meet growing demand.

In response to the Prime Minister's announcement that 20,000 new officers would be recruited, we published this blog setting out that, whilst 20,000 isn't anywhere near enough, forces would need to  think carefully about where to deploy new recruits to ensure maximum impact.

In 2019, Nottinghamshire Police and Crime Commissioner Paddy Tipping commissioned us to analyse current and future demand on Nottinghamshire Police to support the force's strategic and operational planning. Using the Poliscope process, we identified that demand on the force (as per the national picture) was outstripping available resources. A rise in violent and sexual offences was increasing the volume of cases, and the complexity of demand, driving up officer workloads at a sharp curve. The report we produced for Nottinghamshire OPCC is available here.

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